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  1. i voted local because it is easier to check the status, spread the message of organic growing, and ofcourse reduce transportation costs and carbon emissions.
    where i live, in BC, the organic stuff coming up from California and other areas is NOT fresh.

    • Thanks for that “Oemissions”, I can appreciate the problems with accessibility to Organic up in British Columbia. Our local supermarket is selling dried Organic Chillies from Morrocco.. sure it feels good knowing they are Organic, but one must be aware of all the air miles. This issue is so relevant, today more than ever, tomorrow more than today..

  2. What if it’s several of the above? I had to go with “other” because I look for seasonal, sustainable local organics or biodynamics at my farmers’ market.

  3. I wanted another choice for “several of the above” but went with local. Like Oemissions says- it’s easier to go to a local farm and check in on their practices, ask them questions, etc. Plus, it helps cut down on transportation miles, plus I can feel good knowing it’s helping my ‘neighbor’s’ stay in business. Helping the local economy in these times is invaluable. There’s a tremendous sense of community here in NH, and it’s been fun trading some of our abundant blueberries and blackberries for someone else’s green beans! Plus it keeps the man out of the picture. Lastly- regarding local- not to sound like we’re paranoid, but the idea of food shortages coming to the US as the US Dollar decreases is on our mind. Staying local will allow us to have our food sources connected in case the cost of shipping goes sky high/ we have another fuel shortage. Plus- I know I can always hop on my bicycle to go get food if need be. We’re starting to practice getting an abundance of local, then canning/freezing them for the off-season- so seasonal isn’t so much of a concern for us- because it’s sort of ‘built in.’

  4. I voted “price.” Many consumers are reluctant to buy organic or locally because of the stigma “organic is expensive.” I believe many people are aware of the benefits of eating organic, buying seasonal produce, and shopping local, but I think there are families that cannot afford to do so.

    Here in Chicago, our Mayor has approved link cards to be used at Farmer’s Market. That is wonderful, unfortunately, a single mother of four will probably love to feed her family organic food, but will opt for groceries at the nearby store where she can stretch her money.

    Hopefully consumers can eventually realize that they are investing in their health, their future, and the future of our environment when they purchase organic food. That in its elf is worth what we pay for.

  5. I voted other because I believe that we should all have the right to a safe fresh food source, and believe that if we support our community, it will not only be healthier, but be socally and economically sound. I guess my vote is for communities to thrive

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  7. Fortunately most people associate Buffalo with snow and stay away from Western NY. That leaves lots of room for plants. Friends raise chickens and brew beer. We have u-pick places for strawberries, cherries, apples, peaches…even home delivery of milk in glass bottles from field grazing cows. Local means the world to me.

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