Voting UKIP isn’t a ‘protest vote’. It’s just dumb.

Image A couple of days ago, whilst nonchalantly discussing the state of UK politics with a friend, he disclosed his plan to vote UKIP during the European Union Elections this May 22nd. He told me he was “against the entire system” and that he “wanted to make a point”.

I haven’t slept since. Not really, I don’t allow politics such importance (only Alan Pardew’s horrific tactical awareness-or lack of- have squandered me any shut-eye these last months), but those phrases have really bothered me ever since….

While I do not intend to sit here and tell you who you should or shouldn’t be voting for come May 22nd, I do hope that if you are among those within the electorate planning a “protest vote”, that you choose to deface your ballot, write a note on it about how fed-up you are with such a system, draw a satirical cartoon or do whatever creative protest you can come up with…but please, don’t be responsible for electing any more right-wing fascists into UK politics.

After all, you would be voting for a party that until today has no written policies on Education, Climate Change, Foreign Aid (their Gay-Marriage policy is constantly updated however..). Surely a party with no interest in education and no opinion on the serious issues of our time, is a party with no future.

Recent National Polling results (May 1st)  done by YouGov  put Labour on 29%, UKIP 28%, Conservatives on 22%, Liberal Democrats 9% and the Green Party on 8%. Of course we have to consider that this was national polling and you’ll be voting regionally – have a look here for a break down of how and who your region voted for in 2009.

Opinion_Polling_Chart_for_the_European_Elections_2009_UKWe are into the final 3 weeks before the election and depending on how our media covers the issues until then, a lot can change in a short time- just as we saw in 2009–  but lets not let a party rooted in xenophobia be the victors of an ill-fated political protest…

If you are among those concerned with EU membership, you do have more options than you think; please consider researching other parties such as No2EU, before getting friendly with Farage.


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