Matt South of the Border

Dear friends, family and followers,

It has been a long time since I updated here and as a result I have decided not to  invest my time in catching up on past events but to start here and now; in the heart of Brazil and where the next step of this exploration is taking me.

More to follow …


6 thoughts on “Matt South of the Border

  1. Hi Matt, lovely to see your face. Glad you are having adventures in Brazil and look forward to hearing about them :) Lots of love
    Maria and Bryce

  2. so many ‘moments’ to be in huh? Surreal to see hear your voice, when/if you get back I’m going to prise every one of those moments out of you.

    good luck.


  3. Matt,

    Such a teaser. No one can live your experiance but you. But we are all now on tender hooks to share the next video cast. Technology now is so amazing. You can now be virtually anywhere and share what you can. Totnes awaits you.


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