Touchdown: Landing on US soil, being a foreigner and playing tag with tornadoes

I could have gone anywhere. I still could. But taking this trip and exploration through the diverse continent that is North America has been something I have needed, wanted and yearned for, for some time now and now I am pleased that I can now write to you from North American soil, on the first leg of my journey..So lets begin:

“Orange! Say Orange, how do you folk say it over there” asked a rather scatty red-faced gentlemen, standing behind the counter at a Gas (petrol, for you brits) station on the outskirts of Great Barrington, MA. I had just dropped in to get a bottle of water- so far excessive liquid has been my only defense against what is quickly turning into one of the most hot and humid periods the area has experienced for some time- but I quickly became the local point of interest.

” Your not from around here are you?” the man persisted.. “How on earth can you tell?”, I responded in my most put-on ‘queens english’. The salesman chuckled, mentioned something about a meal deal and I paid him the $2.25 and was on my way. It’s been quite an experience feeling like a foreigner in an English-speaking country. Even with my US citizenship, it isn’t feeling like home yet…but I still wait for that moment.

I have been on the East coast now for a good two weeks- it all started when my plan touched down in Boston Logan, on a grey and drizzly thursday afternoon. The Airport is right on the edge of the water and the runway starts on the sea- to the extent that for a moment, I thought we were seabound, until our wheels made contact with the hard cement. As we exited the plane asked the pilot not to play around with me like that on the return…

From there we drove south-east towards Connecticut. Of course the initial concern was the amount fo cars that seemed so comfortable driving on the wrong side of the road. It was great to see family for the 10 days I was there. It has been a long time since I last visited (a good ten years), so it was great to catch up, socialize, see the area and I know I will be back again, but for now it was the comfortable foundation from which I launch..

I arrived in Great Barrington yesterday, it’s a quaint little place just over the CT-MA border and right on the edge of New York state. I’m staying at a friend’s place for a couple of days, a real nice home in a beautiful area, we went rambling in the Berkshire mountains to see quite some view.
It seems friendly here, steady and the kind of place that if the world blew up they might hear about it on the radio tomorrow- sometime between the “Stock Market Pre- Hayfever Season” talk show with Jim McLeod  and just before the “Golfing forecast”, with the towns best (and only) golfer..

On a more serious note a couple of tornadoes rolled through the area last night. A good hour or so from here, we just got the strong winds and thunder, but they were unexpected, caused much damages, took some lives and have left the state in shock and surprise. It’s rare to get that kind of weather up here, but the county’s weather systems has been all over the place since the very harsh winter -one thing is clear already about this continent: however many air conditioning units we make, however many suburbs we build and however many highrises we erect, nature is boss and we yield to it.

I’m moving into New York state this afternoon will visit some folks there doing great work, before heading to Lauryn’s farm project. I’m excited to get out there, they seem to be great people doing great work. It will be nice to be around and lend a hand where I can. I will take a trip with them to New York city this weekend which will be nice.

For now I will end it here and hope to update you again soon. It feels good to have landed, to be stepping forward. Any direction is the right direction right now. I’m following my feet, my heart, a good impulse and always with the contagious belief that right now I am doing the right thing.

The first leg of my explorations, experiences and insights are well underway and I feel privileged to be sharing them with you. Below is the route so far. Love to all, M x

The Exploration trail as of this weekend


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