Here and Now

Land of Endless Sunsets

“What time is it”? asked Socrates.
Now”, replied Dan.
“Where are you Dan”, Socrates continued.
Here!” Dan replied firmly.
“And what are you Dan”
“This Moment!”

This  blog post has flowed from an impulse and not a structure…so I am going to let that flow forward. I am aware this space has become very inactive of late, so this is the initial impulse to stir some life back in. I will not attempt to cram- in what my head thinks I need to express, but instead lay the foundations for whatever chooses to emerge from this space in the coming months.

I think what excites me most about this blog, is my writing has no guaranteed audience. No promise that this or that individual will engage with it- just a personnal trust and belief that whatever I put out can potentially be stepped into by anyone with the means to internet connection. It does not speak to a certain individual or require you to engage within certain criteria, it just offers and that is all this space will ever do..

I am writing to you from a view of Swedish fields that had been s0o tightly embraced by a blanket of Winter, which are now rapidly releasing their grip for Spring to step forward.

I am back in Ytterjarna, where I found a home last year and it feels good to have settled. I know that right now there is no other place I should be in the world- so I find a great deal of comfort and also freedom in that realization.

So that is the place, the here and the now and I am this moment.


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