Thank A Farmer: Only A Farmer Can Truly Appreciate The Rain

Yesterday, 30 miles from where I am and just outside Exeter, the Met Office recorded 77 hours of continuous rain.

Devon has always been infamous for it’s inconsistent weather during the summer months, but one sure does feel sorry for the holiday-makers who stuffed their car’s with various unnecessary camping items, that seem alien even to the most experienced camper, with mum certain to find their use before the holiday season ends. Once on the road, they face the battle of the motorway; thousands of vacationers just like them edging their way along the roads at a crawling pace to the soothing sound of 10,000 car horns all set at different pitch tones, with Mum saying “I told you we should have left yesterday”, the kids destroying the old “Are we there yet” classic and Dad of course baffled at why “everyone had chosen today to go on holiday”.

Once they do cross into Devon the sun-bleached rolling hills that the Weather man had so faithfully promised the night before, have been washed away my the sparadic showers and occasional down pours with intervals of light drizzle- ah summers in the countryside!

So why rain? If we really are the intellegent species on the planet, surely we have the capacity to see it’s value ..
Even working part time at a local organic Farm shop, the customers shuffle in and almost every conversation at the till leads to the weather. The negativity towards it is understandable, but after the 5th, 6th and 7th customers continue the onslaught, I almost feel like defending the rain in some way. A few steps back in the queue is Guy Watson, the main farmer of all the vegetables on offer in the shop, once he reaches the cash register, he offers a slightly different perspective on the weather, “Well they can complain all they like, but if we don’t get more rain in September, winters vegetables will be harder to come by after this dry summer”.

I’m amazed at how rapidly our society has become so disconnected from its food chain. You would have thought or at least held out with a smidgen of hope, that a customer in an organic farm shop would at some level appreciate the rains existence- especially as they pick up the last punnet of that summers last sun ripened and rain watered strawberries and head the counter, I hold my breathe, but alas all that this customer could offer was “These are 50 pence cheaper in Morrissons, you know?!”.

So lets be grateful for a farmers perspective on our eco system and our food chain. Thank’s to his hard work, that supplies us with all our healthy eating needs, we can continue to sit down at the end of the day to good healthy food choices. Next time you see a Farmer, say “Thanks!”.


One thought on “Thank A Farmer: Only A Farmer Can Truly Appreciate The Rain

  1. thanks for this Matt, i am inspired by your thoughts!
    big respect for your talent in observing patterns like this and expressing your reflections on them…

    the energy of complaining is certainly an interesting phenomena in social fields – i really wonder where it comes from, what it serves or originally served and became stunted. especially when the target of ones complaint is totally out of the influence-sphere of the complainer… -> wait, am i trying to complain about complaining here? :)

    two snippets from me in addition: “perspective”…

    people get lost in their little world and circle of stimulus and influence – i remember the millions of complains from people who missed their flights due to the vulcano eruption in island some months ago… another perspective on the event is to see it as an invitation to honor those gigantic forces and re-awake a humble gratitude about the earth providing us with living conditions:,

    …and “fragmentation”

    you could make a whole series of:
    only a […] can truly appreciate the […]
    and it would work in many more areas, which speaks to me about the fragmentation of the “expert areas” humanity evolved into.
    I made a little candle-light speech on that issue a while ago if you wanna see it and smile a bit about my presentation style ;)

    hey, the rain-picture is really nice, have you taken it?

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