Published in Positive News

I recently had a couple of emails asking about where one could read a more in depth write-up of my time in the Amazon, Brazil.
So I will point you all in the direction of Positive News. The ethical newspaper strives for more globally conscious world changing positive journalism- you know the real stuff, that is often disregarded by more conventional media sources that continue to deliver stories that are far less inspiring to our doorsteps, televisions and radio sets each day.

I wrote an article that got published in the papers last edition, with a full page spread and accompanied by beautiful photography from the trip, by fellow YIP participant Stuart Dow.

You can read the article online at Positive News UK:

However, here you miss out on the fantastic photography and other inspiring global stories of positive change.
You can get the paper by subscribing and if you are lucky, some local outlets may stock it- if you are from Totnes, pop-into Arcturus Book Store, they reuglarly stock the paper and you can even order from them then and there for future editions..

Otherwise I got sent a few copies direct by the paper and still have some left, so if you would like a copy give me an email via my Contact page. But copies are limited so it really is a case of first come, first served!

In the coming days I’m planning on breathing some new life into this site, with media flows and more importantly my new pursuit and passion of food politics. So stay tuned.

By the way, if you do give the Positive News Article
a browse I would love to hear your feedback!


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