Before Reworking The World, We Must First Rework Our Relationships

Yesterday my team of Representers were lucky enough to arrange an Interview with Rushanara Ali, a UK politician, with a powerful voice for Women, the Muslim community and Youth, due to her work with the Young Foundation.

Once we approached her she was so forthcoming, so interested in us, our perspectives and conversation- I was very excited to get an interview with such a warm and honest powerful individual, however this bubble quickly burst when we showed her the camera..

She had to re-do her hair, wouldnt engage fully in our more “youthful” interviewing approach and whats more; as soon as I starting asking her questions- she was giving perfect answers!

Why is that a problem? Because her answers were too perfect- they were what I like to call Politician-Perfect. Instead of engaging with us in the inspiriing way she had in our vocal conversations, now she was playing Rushanara Ali the politician, representing her political party, her area and the beaurocracy Rework needs to look at Re-working.

I do understand the challenge she has and why she chose to interact in this way, but after the interview, we all felt deep frustration. We wondered why she couldnt speak as Rushanara Ali the individual, instead of with the baggage of beaurocracy and and a very dishonest and unatural approach that we felt.

So now I am stuck in a dilemma- I dont feel confident in watching people attempting to rework systems, when it is clearly person to person relationships that are the biggest crisis.

And I would argue that when the day comes that people like Rushanara can meet young reporters at their level, or more importantly at a genuine conversational level, we will not need to consider Reworking the world- I would argue that the state of the world today is a product of broken relations.

So as today’s sessions draw to a close, I’m making the commitment of working on the relationships tomorrow- the conversations in-between and understanding the real people behind the Picture-perfect-presentations. It will be challening and engaging, but thats what the world needs- it needs to start Reworking Relationships!

Here is an example of someone who really knows what I am talking about:


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