Would Youth Choose To Rework?

I fear re-working our world is simply not enough; it is like choosing a  road for Humanity that may lead us to another dead end-it’s time to give youth a chance, they have the road map and whats more they have the courage!

After attending the initial press conference at Rework, with the main board-members, chairpersons and Associates of Rework, The Tällberg Foundation and YES Inc, I was left with many un-answered questions about the holistic approach to world issues the Summit was trying to bring…or more importantly the concern that it was bringing no holistic view point at all.

Carl Mossfeldt, the executive vice president of the Tällberg Foundation, spoke about a project in Africa that was using waste products to create Charcoal; “Instead of chopping down the trees to create the stuff, with support and new technology they can just collect the leaves that fall and then turn this into the charcoal- saving a fantastic forest and natural global Eco-system- these are the solutions Rework strives to share”

I have to disagree.
With all due respect Carl, this is no solution at all- it is a very short term prevention of deforestation and a short investment. Why you ask?

Becasue the leaves that fall at the base of the tree are all part of the eco system cycle we are striving to protect; without the nourishment of the mulching leaves, many insect species cease to be, soil depletes and the roots of the trees can no longer cling to the healthy soil and in time uproot…

So I question that if this is the approach Rework is taking, how on earth can we live holistically- Rework is still choosing to view our ecology as economy, natures gifts as capital and what nature gifts us with day to day as investment in stocks and shares, until a more hlistic approach is encouraged, for now Rework is a prevention-based summit in How can we prolongue our stay on this planet AND continue to make money, instead of  a more solution  based approach asking, How can we thrive on this planet holistically and be able to forget about money.

These are just my initial thoughts and queries of the Summit, I do hope to explore them and experience the holistic approach in other initiatives during the week!

So keep trying to inspire me, I wont give up on Rework, so long as Rework doesnt give up on Youth


2 thoughts on “Would Youth Choose To Rework?

  1. very interesting approach. I have been dwelling about similar question if its really providing holistical sustainable.

    In my mind, i think though that leafs plays different roles in different ecosystems. There is no forestry technique that can be applied for all forests in the world… yet

    more research before mindless actions or more action instead of actionless minds– its a balance

    lets talk about it more;
    your mulher

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