Why Rework?

From the 2nd – 5th of June, mysef along with 11 fellow YIP participants will be attending the Rework The World summit in Leksand, Sweden.

We will be going as a team of Youth reporters, committed to telling the stories that matter through film, radio, photography, blogging, graphic and social media.

The summit will focus on just over one hundred global initiatives that could supply employment for the youth of today (and tomorrow) in the sector of sustainability in all fields.

So it begs the question, why am I interested in Rework? What is inspiring me to attend specifically in this role..?

I see this summit as a unique coming together of powerful and innovative minds, projects and initiatives.

I have always had issue with these type of conferences that seek to make a real difference, but only make themselves available to a select bunch due to the high costs of participant fees.

I first heard about Rework in Copenhagen during COP15 and since then I have been very inspired by the vision of the summit, but realistically the possibility to attend was slim due to the cost.

When the opportunity arose to join-in on this ground breaking initiative of  Representing Youth at the conference I jumped at it. I know there are stories that will emerge that need to be shared with a wider audience than the select and lucky 2,ooo attending.

If we are really passionate about engaging a large population in change, if Rework really do want to create thousands of sustainable jobs for youth…then we need to engage the youth in the world that matter and if that is not possible directly at the summit, then I want to do my part and tell and share the stories that matter, for the youth that matter.

Never Doubt That A Small Group of Committed People Can Change The World- Indeed, It Is The Only Thing That Ever Has!

The ripple effect of future possiblity and solutions and a global coming together that could spread from increased numbers of summits and gatehrings similar to Rework has the possibility to generate real solutions for our future, but we need to engage youth, we need to reach the younger generations and give them a voice- my attendance at Rework is for this purpose; to tell the stories, share the stories and speak the stories from a Youth perspective.

Indeed when a committed group of people join together Change is not only possible..It Happens!


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