An Update: Back From Brazil

On the Rio Acre, with an Indigenous Community

Dear Friends,

So I have returned to Sweden, to YIP after an amazing adventure in the remote West of Brazil.
Im still digesting what was a very full experience, but I will share the results with you on here in the coming weeks.

My time on the Youth Initiative Program is drawing to an end.
We were made aware on Friday that the Program closes in seven weeks, it was a chilly silence that went around the circle at that moment and one that I know will be experienced more and more as time slips away from us.

Im desperately trying to make a commitment to imerse myself in this YIP culture for the closing moments that it is held in Sweden, but in true Matt fashion, other things have emerged and I have jumped to embrace them.

Firstly I will now be missing the Agriculture week of the course. Such a decision comes with a taste of bitter-sweet, as I will be attending a global conference in Sweden committed to Rework the world ( Along with some other YIP participants, I will be joinging a collaborative effort for a youth media harvesting team at the event, where we will harvest various aspects that arise from the event through graphical, film, blogging and print media.
We need to raise money for such an opportunity, but with a fantastic site dedicated to the initiative we are confident for this to sort in the coming weeks.
To visit the site, please go to the Represent website.

I am excited to share this experience with you.


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