When Faced With The Choice Between Security or Liberty, Always Choose Liberty – Or In Time You Will Find Yourself With Neither

I always question those conclusions to meaningful quotes that describe the speaker as “ahead of his time”.
Abraham Lincoln came at just the right time in history, however what is clear is that his insight is still as meaningful today as it was then..

When I was in Brazil I had a final follow-up email presenting me with my final chance to accept my place at University.

I had already deffered my entry in the previous year and there I sat in the middle of Brazil, in a hot and sticky Internet Cafe, with various bugs and insects scurrying between my feet expected to box my future. In that moment, thousands of miles from the secure air conditioned room of a University lecture, I was about to make one of those decisions that changes our lives, or more accurately; shapes them.

Right now In my life, the University direction is not what I need and equally the university does not need me- we would be doing eachother a disservice.
Its true that if had I emailed and accepted my place, I would have left that Internet cafe with a very secure feeling of knowing where my life was headed for the next three years.
But with Abraham Lincoln’s words ringing in my ears, I confidently hit that “Decline” button, because in a world of infinite opportunities and possibilities, they can only ultimately exist when ultimate Freedom exist..


3 thoughts on “When Faced With The Choice Between Security or Liberty, Always Choose Liberty – Or In Time You Will Find Yourself With Neither

  1. Thank god for people like this, for talks like these, for ideas shared like this. Thank you so much for inspiring places in me that have resigned themselves, felt grey and sometimes despairing, for far too long.

  2. Congratulations Matt. I made a similar choice but much later on when I dropped out of my role as a professor. Freedom and liberty are absolutely essential for creativity and development. But meaning arrives mostly as one decides what to serve and how to offer the fruits of one’s efforts, which ironically is a voluntary restriction of freedom. No getting around the old saw that what goes around, comes around.

    Hugs and blessing to you from Brazil.


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