Awarness to Action..

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Im struggling with a few personnal discomforts:

How is it that one minute I can write about my issues with the growth of Genetically Modified food and just a day later ‘treat’ myself to an Shamerican style burger and fries from a fast food restaurant in Stockholm…

    • How is it that at one moment I feel the impulse to blog about the emergency our planet faces with climate change and fossil fuel emissions and at the exact same moment I am organising my five week trip to Brazil which will involve a round trip of eight flights.
    • How is it that we as youth of today can see such issues in the world and do so well at complaining but still buy those Nike shoes, made from child labor and the exact type of  mentality we so stubbornly detest.

    Im struggling with this idea and many others right now and I am trying desperatley and unsuccessfully to find the answer(s).

    Maybe thats normal… but then whats normal? So maybe that is just expected.
    Im at a time in my life where I am still formulating my beliefs and morales and values for myself, so maybe such answer I am searching for wont come until I have them concrete.
    But do they ever solidify? Is it not just a process?
    So in that case maybe I will never find the answer, maybe thats just how it should be and life is spent living within the process of your slightly hard but always re-shapable values..

    A quote that is used and abused far too often (by myself) from Gandhi is “Be the Change you wish to see in the world”.
    Because Im not being it, but I am striving  towards it, with my morals and values in process- formulating my approach and stretching far and straining wide to reach that place. A place of being what I want to see, not seeing wha tI want to be…only then will I be satisfied.

    A thought process I will carry on this journey to Brazil- (I leave tomorrow by the way, so this will be my final post for a few weeks as the Amazon jungle beckons..woah! )

    YIP is the space that allows me to shape my values…maybe Brazil can help me live them.

    Love to all.  Lets strive for that satisfaction, lets be the best we can and lets learn our way by doing it.

    “I am aware, like many, of my actions and their benefits and costs on our earth.

    I am aware of the possibilities and choices I have to change these actions for better or worse every day and how each day I have the ability to make that choice of creating an action out of my awarness.

    So now I choose to take that responsability into an action of positivity.
    When humanity holds awarness, he must only add responsability to the recipe and here in that meeting spot in the mixing pot; the positive actions Mother Nature craves manifest.

    Matthew Pike March 2010


    One thought on “Awarness to Action..

    1. Oh Matt – Have a wonderful time in Brazil – we will all be thinking of you lots and knowing it will be a fabulous time for you :)
      I like your post – be assured that there is never a point at which we stop questioning our motives and morals – if we did then we would be extremists in the worst sense – believing one thing to the exclusion of humanity and compassion and cutting ourselves off from communication which is the best way forward I think.
      However – stop eating burgers !!!!! YUCKETY YUCK – you are too nice to have that CRAP in you….sorry, couldn’t help myself
      love you lots
      Maria xxx

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