Whats Emerging?

The First of Many Brainstorms...Whats emerging and why?

I mentioned before that my project and project explorations had taken turns over the months- from local currency initiatives, to OasisAmazonia and then a look at Consumerism lifestyles..

Well now something that was present in conversation, thoughts and ideas is slowly starting to emerge and it feels natural, as though it wants to..almost needs to.

It was back in October when Naresh Giagrande (appologies for the spelling), from Transition Town Totnes, came to Jarna to present Transition to the wider community….a community (that as I described in  my Project Time post)  already held many Transition characteristics.

That presentation immediatley sparked off many conversations between myself and a fellow YIP participant, Stuart Dow from Canada, as we explored Transitions ideals and values, the future we wanted to live in, where it aligned, where they differed and what we felt was still missing or absent.

I dont think we realised the power and relevancy of these spontaneous conversations, that kept emerging over the months, to a point where we began to invision what we can do to support communities, what methodolgies we know and how to incorporate  the Oasis and Transition Methods to work within Cities, to explore a “Sustainable Cities” initiative.

Its still in the conversation stage, and slowly making its way to brainstorms on paper…when we return we will be looking more in depth at the ideas, whats emerging and how and possible next steps if any at all- maybe the dreaming is as far as it needs to go- or many there is something new that needs to emerge.

I am eager to update you and will on return from Brazil…


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