A Day of Gratitude

Kiko at AIK football match

This morning something quite enriching occured that has left me feeling more than humble.

As mentioned in the post below, we are deep into Fundraising preparations for our Internship in Brazil, it involves a lot of work and all other YIP participants seem aware of the magnitude of our task.

This mornign as me and Kiko (my room mate), sat around the breakfast table looking out to the snowy white landscape, glistening in the early morning sunshine, he began to quiz me on our progress with fundraising..

Now as many of you know, Im not a great morning person. But after a while we got into a discussion about the amount needed and the lack of time- he seemed genuinely concerned…

Before I dulge into what evoked this deep sense of gratitude and humility I have spent today with, I would like to pave the way with some context:

Kiko (Douglas Da Silva), 22 years old from Sao Paulo, Brazil and my roomate hear at YIP grew up in a Favela- close to the anthroposophical Favela community of Monte Azul.
Kiko is someone with a distinct passion for Language, culture, sport and generally “having a good time”- an attitude I now believe to be inherent in all Brazilian blood.

He really wants to support us- I think he feels excited that our group can go experience his culture and country.

So after our discussion at Breakfast, he left and returned with a personal dontation with the words “Its a gift from me to your trip, I dont need this money now, I want to support what you want to do”.

I dont feel I need to explain this action further, nor what it meant.
But today I have been walking with a deep gratitude for the generosity that some people can display and this is the most humbling feeling.


One thought on “A Day of Gratitude

  1. Hi
    Kiko seems a really good guy to have as a friend… One of those that last a lifetime… Great to see you are on your way…

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