Wheres The Calling?

The Space In Between

This question is going to live with me for a long while now, in many different ways, as I start to explore my calling in this world and what my calling is after this amazing YIP experience.

After coming back from the North and a week of experiencing true Swedish Winter and all the winter sporting that entails, I am quickly re-emerged into the challenging process of arranging details for my Internship to Acre, Brazil.

I have spoke at length before about the OASIS methodology of bringing positive change to communities in need (See Copenhagen Post: Silver Linning). This experience presented my first calling.
Oasis, its methods, its aspirations and its dreams had been living in me ever since Edgard Gouveia came to speak to us at YIP  in early September (see video and after experiencing the methods first hand in Copenhagen, myself and and a few other YIP participants and Edgard have been in regular contact and he has started to discuss his vision for a global Oasis in The Amazon Basin in Brazil.

He told me, “Oasis can happen in cities and favela’s, but imagine doing Oasis in Amazon. Imagine hundreds of International youth in such a high profile place, where the change should be born from all doing Oasis Actions for a better world”.
He didnt have to wait for my response or give any more motivation- I just needed to know what I could do to help realise this dream and make it a reality.
So after further discussion with a core group of five of us at YIP our Internship to Amazon was born Under the naem Oasis Amazon Connection team.

Because this vision is very much in the imagineering stages, our groups work will be to explore the area, the situation and the communites within Acre, Brazil to determine the need for an Oasis movement and the places where Oasis could best be welcomed and its methods best utilised.

Tickest are now booked! Its been an amazing process, I have sent almost 250 emails in relation to our trip there and we now move on to the fundraising side with just three weeks until departure.

One core element of the trip will be documentation of the experience not only for Elos ( the organisation who created and developed the concept of Oasis), but also for a global youth audience, to inspire them to take action to preserve such a fragile and important place on this planet- present for youth and through the eyes of international youth- something I believe to be a very rare occurance in todays media led world.

So I will keep you updated!
Oasis is about bringing people together and working towards a goal that is only achievable when considering our highest dreams and workiing as a community. I am happy to have you all with me experiencing mine.


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