What Is YIP for Me?

On the back of a full weekend of promoting YIP in the world to attract prospective participants, members and funders, I felt it necessary to express to you what YIP has truly become in my life…

I came across YIP at a crossroads in my life, maybe more of a dead end, or shear drop. I was desperate to find something and somewhere that could support my dreams, ideas and visions for mine and societies future on this earth…

And after experiencing firsthand what YIP has to offer, it is clear that YIP is a platform for the youth of today to get to know themselves, to find their place and purpose in today’s ever changing world.

Those of us participating have this collective and shared sense of hope for the future of society, but more than this, the word ‘hope’ becomes more tangible within YIP; producing strong foundations in the belief that when a group of inspired young people get together, fantastic possibilities can manifest, thus this sense of ’Hope’ can transform into amazing social initiatives all over the world
            As participants, YIP provides the youth of today with the skills, tools and most importantly inspiration to go out into the world and really bring the positive changes they have dreamed about into creation. YIP allows youth to search for their purpose, to find their role and cultivate their talents, whilst learning and developing in a supportive, friendly, creative and  motivating environment.
Youth represents societies next step, next leaders, individuals, teachers and listeners- the youth are each generations future, each generations sense of hope and YIP invests in this. Therefore, YIP is not a gap year or an experience before “the rest of your life”, instead it is to be considered a bridge, a platform, a spring board and a stepping stone for the next stage in your life.

“What is Yip?”- more importantly what isn’t it? YIP is whatever you choose to make it. YIP is the ultimate youth opportunity- ready to be embraced.

Matthew Pike
January 2010



4 thoughts on “What Is YIP for Me?

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