COP15- The Silver Linning

The 100,000 strong Climate MarchWhy did I wait so long to write about my Copenhagen and COP15 experience? Many people were blogging at the conference, Twittering their opinions only seconds after there brain had processed them, or at the very least writing elaborate reports afterwards titled “What Went Wrong”, “Why We are Doomed” and “COP15- The Climate Cop-Out”.

So Where am I going to find this silver lining, to a conference that provided no binding treaty, no rallying speech of future hope for the future of our planet- in fact Obamas closing speech didn’t even have the word hope in it- that could be a first.
As a quick heads up, if your interested in the drier side, it was all down to China, the binding treaty was on the table, but China refused- it appears we are entering a new age of Global power. Ofcourse this didnt reach your media, but I have more info if you want to get in touch.

I like to call myself an Optimistic- Realist. I was so optimistic for a historical treaty, for COP15 to produce one of the first moments in history where the world united around one common goal, however thinking Realistically this was never a possibility.
To expect a deal to be agreed on by the world, to expect every nation to unanimously feel the urgency and inspiration to rise above Economic venture and Corporate lobbying is a dream worth maintaining but a dream that is not yet ready to be realised, its time will come- but it wasn’t in Copenhagen.

Now I could talk about the corruption of media outlets in reporting the events, or the grotesque power and scare-tactic driven actions of the police.
But it has become somewhat irrelevant now.

I met a Nigerian girl working for a branch of the UN, who had been inside the talks, and whilst she held little hope for what the environmentalist had been campaigning for on the streets since day one, with placards reading such slogs as “No Planet B” and “You have the world at your fingertips- Sign The deal!!”, she remained adamant, that smaller nations had been heard and that slowly the nations that on most issues had no voice at all, were suddenly showing they had rights, a voice and an opinion too- best example being the Tuesday when the Small Islands committee walked out in protest to Chinas stance on Carbon taxes.

I didn’t leave on the Friday with Obama’s “Yes We Did” words ringing in my ears, but I left with an overwhelming emotion that flooded me from the first day when me an Stuart walked in silence with 100,000 others, marching all for one goal – protecting the future of our planet in a more environmentally harmonious way. The solidarity of people, the mobilisation of so many and the movement among civil society is the silver lining that I take away, something powerful has awakened in society that has not been there for so long, it is small but it is growing, its on a scale and once tipping point is reached amazing things will start happening…they already are, this is a movement that is taking small elegant steps to a future know one knows, but one we must be prepared for none the less and only by working together, both human to human and organisation to organisation. We are the solution…and it will remain that way until what I like to call “Solvation“.

It felt great to be in Copenhagen . At such a global event. I’m so pleased I went.


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