Project Time!

We have had many inspiring contributors over the last few weeks , who have brought some fantastic stories, technologies and ideas, that in some way or another can easily relate to this issue.

Kiara Negel presented the idea of community development and  empowering communities to create the desired structural and cooperative outcomes in their neighbourhoods,  benefiting both the individual and community groups in extremely efficient ways.

Helene Bank outlined the true nature of the Economic system we live under and where it is effective and where it falls short of any effectiveness or transparency for global society.

I could feel something expanding in me, but I wasn’t quite sure what it was, until we were asked to formulate an idea for our year long Individual Project.

The Individual Projects are a core Element of the YIP year, having time to explore certain interests and ideas in a supportive structure and environment which you may not have in the future.

I saw two main aspects of things I wanted my project to deliver and they were as follows:

To give something sustainable to a community, whether it was here in Jarna or somewhere else that my project would relate to- something that could live on after I had gone.

I was adamant that I wanted to have some direct relationship between my projects and this year and its themes, I didn’t’t want it to be something on the side.

And lastly that whatever I contribute and create can also live in me after the experience and not simply stop at the final project presentations.

So this got me thinking.

I tried to formulate an approach to an idea, looking at what direct skills I had and where my interests lie (e.g. Writing, Sustainability, Climate Change).

When Naresh came from Totnes, to give a lecture to the wider community on the Transition Town Movement, I saw a clear interest in turning Jarna into a Transition town. However in essence it already is- with so many local organisations working together, looking into its sustainability from the inside IN.

It just lacks the “Transition Town” label, but I really questioned whether that was necessary, it has emerged very organically- the community has developed in its own way , why suddenly place outside values on it?

Then I was trying to look at what else could support the community when Silvia ( a fellow yippie) presented the idea of introducing a Local Currency to Jarna.

I jumped straight on the idea- I see this as a fantastic way of building a stronger local link between local business, consumer and community.

The global markets, politicians and bankers have failed to sort the Economic system in an effective way (merely covering cancer with a plaster), so should the global currency suffer greater catastrophic crash, Jarna’s businesses could keep operating effectively.

So now the research begins: Meetings with locals, the local EcoBanken, Is it needed? Will it be supported? Why? When? Timeline? Sponsors etc.

Super excited I see this as a future issue and topic on a global scale and its brilliant to be working with such a concept.

Your ideas thoughts, suggestions and contacts on this issue would be most warmly received!



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