Why Now?

Why Now? Why am I alive at this point in history?

I catch myself contemplating this question.
Not so much the meaning of life, that too, but more often questioning why I am living on this earth at this point in time. In this era.. what is my purpose at this time in society.

When I was young my purpose seemed quite simple- score as many goals for Ipplepen under 12’s as possible so that Newcastle United would come and sign me…Looks like they missed their chance.

So now what? I find myself surrounded by individuals with similar values, beliefs and ideas for our future- Individuals who feel passionate about creating a better, fairer, kinder, greener, safer and more socially positive world to live in.

Society has proved time and time again it can overcome huge challenges- whether its the abolition of the slave trade, fighting the Apartheid or standing up against dictatorship, when global society feels passionate, motivated and inspired about an issue, the unimaginable can manifest- huge walls can be knocked down, society can take the true form of its real meaning- ” friendly coexistence”

Society finds itself at a crossroads. We still have choices, we still have options and possibilities….for now.
Globally, especially here at YIP, Climate Change and Global Warming appears to have become the major problem to work towards healing.
Coming from a Transition Town growing up the country side, being educated at a Waldorf school and considering myself a global citizen , Climate Change has always been a personal issue- be never more that right now in my life.

How can we expect to keep destroying,depleting and over using our planets resources at a unsustainable rate? how can we continue to live with infinite irresponsibility in a finite world?
We can’t.    We need to radically redirect our course- in the last fifty years human kind has manged to reshape, restructure, redefine and change the face of the earth in the most harmful way more than all other previous generations of humanity.

The answers are there. The possibilities are present, but we are running out of time if we hope to continue our “friendly coexistence” with the planet.

Here at YIP we have already participated in global efforts to get world leaders and the rest of Society to ‘wake-up’ to climate change.
Our first action came with the “Global Wake Up Call” flash mob events. Thousands of flash mob events happened all over the globe, on the same day at the same time- urging world leaders to sign up to a fair and binding climate treaty in Copenhagen this December.
Here is a video of our event:


Another Climate Action event is planned this October 24th. Again there are over 2,000 of these events occurring worldwide. The event known as “350 action day” , is again urging leaders to Attend the COP15 Climate conference, but in their treaty commit to achieving a  measurment of 350 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere- this is considered to be the safer upper limit of carbon our atmosphere can cope with. We currently stand at 390ppm and 200 years ago this number was only  at 270.
We are clearly harming our planet and if we dont stop before we reach the tipping point– a point where Scientist expect Methane from permafrost to be released- we risk loosing “Life on Earth” as we know it.

Am I a tree hugger? An Environmentalist? A Greeny? A Hippie? An Eco Warrior? An Idealist?
Quite possibly….but most importantly I am a global citizen committed to coexisting with this planet in a sustainable and healthy way- committed to handing on a healthy and abundant planet to future generations…


2 thoughts on “Why Now?

  1. Really inspiring matt. are you guys all going to copenhagen in december? wish i was in a position to exact as much change as you seem capable of…
    though what makes me think i’m not capable of exacting change?

    good luck with the cause ;)


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